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El Bulli

El Bulli is closing its doors in 2012 and 2013 so Ferran Adria can have a break. Rumour has it that the restaurant is to close forever and this a way of letting the public down gently. OK I admit it's the only 31 course meal I've ever been to and on the whole it was an extraordinary display of deliberately confounding dishes with nothing tasting or feeling as it might be expected to. Some courses were more bewildering than others -  a bowl of almond oil on water for example. Oyster leaf with shallots was totally freakish  - a leaf that tasted almost exactly of an oyster.

You get the picture that 'course' is not the right word in a meal that what was basically a series of foodybites. Brilliant in idea, texture, taste and execution, it did take me a while to get over the feeling that a steak and chips would be turning up next.  There were no chips. Nor any recognisable vegetables, not even the simple tomato salads Spain is famous for and certainly no meaty bits more substantial than pigs ears and tail. And dog. There were  plenty of extremely beautiful seaweeds however so we couldn't grumble.

If you didn’t manage to get a table for 2011 then here’s a few pics of scoff taken from last years 31 course dinner.

p.s. there was no dog

A cocktail starter - meet the mohito

then crunch on some rabbit ears

an introduction to shapes to come

the oyster leaf

and of course the old coconut number - served with curry powder.