School of Indian Cooking

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Welcome to the Spice Monkey Blog

Spice Monkey is an Indian Cooking School in North London. You don’t have to be a culinary whizz or even know the first thing about spices, we’ll give you the skills and confidence to create great tasting authentic dishes time and time again.

From day to day cooking to the celebratory delicacies you’ll never find outside the Indian home, and even some of the legendary street food of Mumbai, this is cooking that will tantalize aficionados and novices alike. Each course revolves around preparing a complete Indian meal. Step by step we’ll unlock the secrets of combining the aromatic spices at the heart of each dish. It’s all hands on with the reward of a fantastic meal and a glass of wine to finish.

The day is all about learning the essential techniques to make your cooking instinctive and adaptable but Spice Monkey courses are also about meeting new people, having fun, cooking and talking about ... food.