Is Flog It!’s Paul Martin a secret green ninja activist?

The antiques show ‘Flog It!’ doesn’t sound like your obvious source for food policy matters but the latest edition had an interview with the daughter of the graphic designer Abram Games. He was an official WW2 war artist and several of his works have a strong food message. Even before the Great War, thanks to the colonies, Britain was a major of ingredients like rice, sugar, spices, and beef. However, with supply lines disrupted by U boats and shipping needed for other uses, citizens were urged to look to themselves to get the food in. The message of the poster above is clear and stylishly presented, self-reliance is the only way.  

This idea of a self-sufficient Britain lasted long after the war, certainly, it was a political issue when I was young. Things are very different today, once again we import huge amounts of food by air, road, and sea from all over the world and from countries with their own malnourished populations or where water is scarce or people are displaced to make way for new landowners. Once again this old poster becomes relevant. Growing your own might not be the answer to all our food needs but it makes us less of a burden on other people. 

Plus your own veggies always taste better…

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