Keralan Kitchen – Vegetarian

The southern state of Kerala marks the landing place of Vasco da Gama in India on his quest for black pepper and other spices. While the region is famous for its seafood the cuisine is rich with great tasting vegetarian dishes.

We’ll make classics such as sambar and lentil pancakes as well as using tamarind and coconut as the base for vegetable dishes and chutneys.

As delicious as it is distinctive, the Keralan Kitchen has been delighting visitors since Vasco’s day with its combinations of fragrant, fiery and subtle flavours.

Suitable for Vegans too!

Keralan Kitchen Vegetarian Saturday 15th June 11am - 3.30pm£140.00

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Keralan Kitchen Vegetarian Sunday 11th August 11am - 3.30pm£140.00

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