Sustainable Snacking – No1: Fish Heads

Not sure if anyone paid any attention to World Ocean Day but in the spirit of sustainability here is a simple snack I shared with some Keralans recently. First ask your fishmonger for some fish heads – these were sea bass – they’ll probably give you them free or for next to nothing. Score them a bit and rub a little paste of cumin, coriander, chili powders, lime juice, garlic and ginger and salt. Marinade for half an hour or so and then deep fry for a couple of minutes.
You have to take a little care while eating obviously as it is mainly bone. There are generally enough fleshy bits like the cheeks to reward the effort but you do produce a lot of mouth debris. Eat by the beach would be my suggestion and enjoy spitting the bony shards out to sea.

Who knows, in the future as we slurp down jellyfish fingers, we may well look longingly back upon those fish heads as a treasured culinary memory.


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