Vegan Meat

With so much blood letting going on in the US elections and our referendum, the less blood thirsty amongst you may think it’s definitely time to reduce your meat intake. One solution could be to take our Simply Vegan course. We set this up because of the number of people contacting us wishing to reduce their meat and dairy intake without losing their interest in eating food altogether. A little spice can go a long way to pacifying carnivorous pangs.

Here’s a tip for those of you who think you may miss the texture and resistance of a meaty mouthful. Take some chickpea flour and add some herbs or spices according to the style of your dish. Add a little turmeric powder to give it a little colour. Season, add water and mix into a fairly stiff dough. Roll out into a 2-3 mm thick sheet and cut into bite size shapes. Whether you’re making a spicy dal or an Italian ragu (saucy dishes generally) add these pieces and gently simmer them for the last 10 minutes. My grandmother would prefer to roll the dough into a cylinder and break off chunks into the dish being cooked. As well as adding a little bite to the dish they will also help thicken it.

Talking of vegans, one major Italian city is sending a message right from the top to encourage eating less meat on health grounds. It’s not to everyone’s taste as you can see (particularly livestock producers and meat processors) but then at least vegetarian dishes are already well represented in the canon of Italian cuisine. Wonder how such a thing would go down in the UK?…/turin-mayor-italys-first-vege

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